portrait picture of Oriella

Welcome to my site and thanks for visiting! My name is Oriella Formosa Carabez. I am a photographer focusing mainly on street photography, commercial work like conferences and events, as well as private portraiture work.

I get my inspiration from observing everyday life, the healing calmness of nature, music and the sense of adventure. Photography is an integral part of my life, especially since it parallels perfectly with my love for the outdoors. It also complements my other passion of travelling and adventure, which leads to my fascination of the world’s diversity. Through my photographs I seek to capture the culture of the people I meet and the wonderful places of the world, since I believe that the most fulfilling experience is the sense of awe and discovery that comes from exploring new lands and the excitement of taking on a new adventure.

My true passion is street photography. I am drawn to the thrill and sense of adventure of shooting in the streets and the satisfaction of capturing unique moments, emotions and the small details of life as it happens.


I first discovered photography as a means of documenting geographical investigations, whilst reading for a degree in Geography at the University of Malta. This fuelled my admiration and love of nature, as well as a longing to learn and discover more about the beauty of our natural surroundings. I developed a curiosity for the world around me and through my photographs I sought to capture the sites I discovered, thus encouraging me to delve deeper into photography. Consequently I enrolled in various photography courses and became a member of the Malta Institute for Professional Photography in 2012. Since then, I started taking photography more seriously and became an active member of the Institute.

I am aware that photography is a learning process and as such I attend courses, workshops and lectures on a regular basis so as to keep myself updated. I have also attended a MIPP Award in Still Photography Course which I successfully completed with a distinction.

Future Plans

Hopefully I will continue with my photographic journey and my next aim is to hold an exhibition, obtain the MIPP Qualification and to continue working on a number of personal projects. My hope is that my images continue to be created from the heart, will transmit my feelings to the viewer and will touch and inspire others to appreciate, and care for the world around them.