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It’s time to pop the cork and celebrate…on the launch of my very own website! Sincere thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to read this blog. So here is my first post…the first of many more! 🙂 My aspiration is to share my passion for photography through my thoughts and reflections, experiences, adventures, and other encounters worth a snapshot along the way.

My photographic journey began three years ago. At the time I had a music fervour, where I played as a violinist in a rock band. After ten years of such an involvement, I decided that it was time for me to put music temporarily aside and take up a new challenge. Looking back, I realise that taking photography seriously meant embarking on a valuable learning process, which requires time, dedication, effort and practice. Photography has helped me discover “how to see”, a phrase coined by the famed photographer Harry Gruyaert. Observation is the most important aspect in photography, however it does not merely mean observing light, but admiring the beauty of nature, animals and the environment surrounding us. I began to question what I see, and started to perceive the smaller subtleties of life and the intricate details around us. As I drew myself to the thrill and sense of adventure of capturing unique moments and raw emotions in open air, I developed a passion for street photography.

My inspiration comes from observing everyday life, the healing calmness of nature, listening to music, venturing around, and exploiting whereabouts. Slowly but surely, photography has become an integral part of my life, especially since it parallels perfectly with my love for the outdoors. It also complements my other passion for travelling and adventure, and consequently my fascination of the world’s diversity. Through my photographs I also seek to capture the culture of the people I meet and the wonderful places of the world, since I believe that the most fulfilling experience is the sense of awe and discovery that comes from exploring new lands, and the excitement of taking on a new adventure.

Street photography has helped me push my boundaries; leading me to pathways of discovery to unexpected places. I have learnt to follow my intuition and in a world which is unfortunately often surrounded by negativity, I have learnt to enjoy simply watching life go by. I consider my work to be my personal vision of the world, but also a reflection of who I am, and an expression of what I love and enjoy in life. As one of my favourite street photographers Eric Kim states, street photography is all about “capturing beauty in the mundane” and this is what I intend to convey in my blog and through my photographs.

A quote I once heard and really abide by is.. “Art is risk made visible”. By demonstrating my work and expressing my feelings on my blog, I know I am open to criticism (and hopefully also positive feedback 🙂 )… however I believe it is part of the learning curve and a means of improving. I believe it is a risk which one must take in order to focus on producing meaningful work; a challenge to achieve more rewarding works in the future.

At this point, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Antoine Ferrito for encouraging me to design this website, and for his valuable guidance, patience and professionalism.

Below are my first blog post photos, taken during a walk around Valletta and Marsamxett. I hope that my images, created from the heart, continue to channel my feelings to the viewer, and touch and inspire others to appreciate, and care for the world around them.

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